General Travel Advice


The best general travel advice that The Austin Experience can provide is ‘get out there and do it’! The only way to become a traveller is to start travelling, so whether it is a small trip or the trip of a lifetime, you have to start somewhere and you have to start soon because there is a whole world to see and no matter who you are or what you believe, you only have a short time in which to see it. One life, one chance!

In our years of travelling we have a few hints and tips which we have learned along the way which may prove to be useful to any other travellers out there…


You don’t need a divine reason to visit a certain place. If you want to go, then start planning and get going! If you are concerned about travelling alone, then join a group tour or just make friends along the way. The key is to drop the excuses, buy a ticket and enjoy!


When you are preparing for a trip there will be a massive list of items that you think you will need, which generally equals a massive amount of unused items that are either dumped along the way or taking up valuable weight in your bag. Unless you are a professional cave explorer, there is no need for a headlamp! This is an example of a cheap item that you can get from any travel shop or online that may come in handy once in a blue moon. When you are planning a trip away the things you need to buy before hand are actually very minimal. Most things you can pick up along the way if you need them… A hand towel is always a great item to pack, from back when the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was first released until the current day, this remains to be good advice!


If you want to become a world traveller then you had better get used to the idea of flying. In this day and age it is pretty much unavoidable! If you are a taller person then make sure you ask for an exit row (politely) when you check in, you would be surprised how accommodating some airlines can be if you explain your predicament. This goes for aisle and window seats too. Like anyone in the customer service industry, airline check in people appreciate nice customers and are usually more willing to help you if you are not nasty about it. When your ticket says that check in closes 1 hour prior to departure they are not joking. Airlines cop massive fines for being late off the tarmac so be sure to follow your check in instructions to avoid missing your flights. Although it is not the end of the world, it is a pain which can be avoided.

In the Destination

Make friends with the locals, there is no better way to see a new city or country than with someone who lives there. To be sure, the locals know all those hidden gems that the guide books haven’t found out about yet plus you will get a much better feel for the local culture if you actually befriend the locals! Walk. There is no better way to see a destination than on foot. Get involved in local festivals, celebrations, anything you can! These are the kind of experiences you will never get at home. Take the good with the bad – when you check into that grubby hotel room that feels like it should have been demolished years ago, which was just a plain mistake (one which will never happen if you are booking with The Austin Experience), accept it and appreciate where you are in the world. There is no sense in spending your entire time in a new place being upset about your accommodation if everything else in the city is booked out. A wise man once told us that it is what it is… If there is nothing you can do to change it, then why worry?

All advice provided by The Austin Experience on travelling should be applied with a degree of common sense. Just because we tell you to go, doesn’t mean you should not be saving or not have a back up fund in case of emergencies! The Austin Experience strongly advocates the use of travel insurance, personal instincts and general caution in all of your travels. Be wise and be safe!


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