A Bus Stop with No Buses is the official blog of The Austin Experience. Designed to give helpful advice and travel tips to all travellers around the globe based on personal experiences. Thoughts and comments are welcomed on this site in the hope of creating an engaging travel community of like-minded people.

TheAustinExperienceLogoThe Austin Experience is about taking that back road to see how wide and varied this world really is. Born of a need to experience the true soul of each destination, the tours available through The Austin Experience are not the typical itineraries found on every travel agent wall. Each tour allows a brief, yet inspiring glimpse into a different world… Real places, real people and real experiences are what touring with us is all about.

The title A Bus Stop with No Buses pays tribute to the destination in which the idea for The Austin Experience was formed – Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is a place which has many bus stops and no buses! A local bus system was trialled with very little success in this city leaving only deserted bus stops along the road. It is this and many other bizarre situations which travellers will come across on the road which are an inspiration to us all.

For more info on The Austin Experience visit our website at www.theaustinexperience.com.au


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