My Wish For You

My wish for you is acceptance of my urges to travel the world. That you would stop waiting for the day of my return to the real world to settle down in the normal way. Once you can accept the simple fact that this is never going to happen, then maybe you can accept me for who and what I really am.

My wish for you is understanding. Not just of who I am becoming through my adventures, but of the fact that there are other ways to live a life rather than what you know. That even if you cannot understand the way that I have chosen to live my life, then at least to understand enough about me to consider why I have chosen to live this way. As well as the understanding that my life choices in no way reflect my opinion on yours.

My wish for you is happiness in your own life. Even though I may not always be there to share it with you, that you find true happiness in your life the way I do every day. And in that happiness, remembering that if there is something you want to share I am only ever a phone call away.

My wish for you is inspiration. That you may find the kind of inspiration that I have in realizing that life is, indeed, too short. By finding that inspiration then knowing that living life on your own terms is always an option. That following the norm is not the only way. That having the freedom to choose your path, whatever it may be, is liberating.

My wish for you is knowledge. Not only about the world around us, but of the fact that if I am away for long periods of time, that I still love you that way I would as if I never left. In this knowledge I hope that you can find solace and pride for the courage it takes to live the way I do. Even if you don’t understand the reasons why, I am still living the dream that so many others are too afraid to live.

My wish for you is peace. Peace of mind that I am always being as safe as I can. Peace in your heart for even if I am not with you in person, that you are always in my thoughts. Please, find peace in the fact that even if my life has taken an unexpected path that I am still the person I have always been and that person loves you very deeply.

My wish for you is only that you would have these wishes for me too.


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